As what do you define yourself?

I graduated in Graphic Design in 2010, and ever since then have worked in design studios and in a fashion atelier, where I developed models and patterns. In 2016, because of the pattern design shop that I was working in, I studied botanical illustration at the Botanical Gardens school in Rio de Janeiro. During that course I reconnected with nature and with the desire to draw more. So, as well as being a designer, I also became an illustrator.



What are you currently working on? And why are you making it?

Recently I've been studying some patterns, this is an exercise that I like to maintain. My most recent work was a customization with a fabric pen for some jeans pants for FARM Rio, for a charitable auction in favor of the NGO Instituto Vida Livre (Free Life Institute), which rehabilitates and liberates wild animals at risk. I drew two Boa constrictor, a type of snake that's often rescued by this NGO. I decided to draw them because it's important to communicate to people that in case they find these snakes in their homes to not kill them, but instead call an NGO like Vida Livre.


You seem to have a fascination for nature / the animal kingdom why is that?

That's true, nature inspires me a lot. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, a city full of nature, with beaches and forests. I was born in Horto, a neighborhood located near the Tijuca Forest, a tropical forest with the Atlantic Forest biome, where there's a wide diversity of wild animals. I remember that in my childhood I would be visited by toucans on a tree right in front of my balcony.


What are your favorite materials that you use and why do you use them?

I feel very comfortable with the Black and White scheme. I've always liked black pens and graphite. But nowadays I like to draw with a brush and that's why I'm using Nankin ink, black watercolor and sometimes gouache.


What is your favorite place to create and do you have a certain routine to get in the art of making?

I like to do sketches in the Botanical Garden, take them to my studio and work on them, but to broaden the territory I do a lot of research looking up photos online and I draw based on that. I'm always researching images and I don't have a routine for that; it could be at any time. But in order to draw I like to stay connected, and that usually happens at the end of the afternoon and into the night.



I know that you are from Brazil, do your roots play a big part in the work that you make?

Yes, of course. I identify a lot with my country's culture and with that of Latin America. My mom is Argentinian, my brother lives in Chile, and my best friend is Peruvian. Just like the animals I draw, we don't have demarcated territories. We spread out around these "neighborhoods."


Why did you decide to make art?

Since I've always drawn, I chose to study Graphic Design and whilst in college I got close to the art professors, so it was a natural process. I am a designer who also does art, just like my teachers.


What are the ingredients from your perspective to become a great artist / creator?

I think it's important to be curious and sensitive, have a general sense of culture, and let your vision take off; even without leaving your city it's possible to do this. It's also important to practice hours and hours every day.


What is the message that you want to spread with the work that you make?

The truth is I don't think too much about that. I just do what pleases me ;)


How would you like to develop as an artist/ creator in the future?

I would like to continue doing what I do now. Drawing themes that inspire me.