What do you define yourself as?

I define myself as a musician. I sing, I write and I play music.

What do you think is important in your work?

For me, it’s integrity. I want to create music I believe in and that’s as honest as I can be with myself. I want to make no compromises when I feel that it doesn’t benefit my music or creative process.

What inspires you the most & how do you keep yourself inspired to keep creating new work?

It’s a necessity for me to sing and to create, so I think I’ll always have to create. It’s like a having a constant urge, it can be stronger some days than others. I know I’m at my happiest when I’m creating. I like to be inspired by different art forms. Somewhere, somehow in my life I managed to graduate as an art historian, so visual art still has a special place in my heart. Going to a museum is as inspiring as listening to good music. Same goes for documentaries, film, literature etc. 

At which times of the day are you most creative and what affect does this have on making music?

I’m, I think, like many artists most creative in the evening or at night, but my day job doesn’t really allow me to stay up very late in the week. I kind of managed to reprogram myself and work at any time of the day, but still, finishing a song goes way faster at night.

How important is it for you to share your art with other people?

Tricky question, because I had written so much music before putting out my first EP Fabulae in 2018 and I had never released or played most of it live. Like I’ve said, it’s important for me to create: my love for performing used to come in second. But that has changed over the last two years. We’ve played many shows and I discovered that the way you communicate with your band through music is something of an entire other level you can’t really achieve with creating on your own. The responses of the crowd and people who come up to you after a show are also very rewarding and something I’ve really learned to appreciate over the last two years. So to answer your question, it’s more important now then it used to be.

How do you feel about being a woman in the music industry?

I feel the same way like I feel being a woman in modern society, we’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go.

How do you approach making new music? (what’s the process behind it?)

I don’t really have a fixed process. Sometimes a new song pops up just because of a melody, sometimes some lyrics get stuck in my head. Mostly I try to start the writing process on piano and from there on, a track can evolve in any direction. When I feel like most work has been done, I tend to involve other people. Artists whose vision might inspire me or change the direction of the song.

What is your music about?

I don’t really have a specific theme or reoccurring stories I want to tell. All I know is that my music always tends to lean towards the melancholic side. Despite the energetic and playful nature of my music, there is always this little, itchy sadness that creeps into my writings. On top of that, I strongly believe that every song I ever wrote reflects a small piece of the person / woman I am / have become.

Is there a certain message you’d like to send out to the world with your art?

I don’t and I don’t really feel the need to either. All I want is to create, to express myself in a way I’m comfortable with and to perform. If, by any chance, people are drawn to what I do, that’s a big plus. But if they don’t, that’s equally okay. I create for myself, not to please anyone. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate artists who have a clear vision of the world and a straightforward message they want to communicate to their audience. On a day to day basis I as well have rather strong opinions about the world and our western society. I just don’t feel the need to share those ideas through my work.

What are you working on right now and what are your future plans?

We have a few more shows planned in December and right after that I’m hitting the recording studio. I’ve been working on new material quiet a while now and I can’t wait to hear it in its final form. I’ll be working with some new people and I’m really excited to see what those collaborations will do to my writing. After that our new live-show should be on point in the spring of 2020. If everything goes according to plan, people will get to see and hear yet another side of our band.






What do you define yourself as?

I define myself as a singer-songwriter.

What is your music about?

My songs have themes such as death, depression, the usefulness of life, love and society.

What do you think is important in your music/work?

I think it is important that my melancholy comes to the fore and I hope that people can find comfort and beauty in it. I also want people to reflect on their own lives and make them aware of the lives of others.

Are you working on anything in particular music wise?

I am currently working with my band on writing an album that we want to record in the course of next year.

Have you developed your own style? 

Yes. I have incorporated my depressed character into my music and let it grow into a genre that I call melancholic dark-folk

Do you think that is is difficult to express yourself in your discipline? And how do you deal with negative moments that are related to your work?

 I find making music the easiest way to express myself. So I would say that it's not hard for me express myself in this way.

About dealing with negative moments regarding my work & music I would say just to carry on. I am now used to setbacks. I work hard and try to do everything as well as possible, but I always start from the negative. I am therefore almost never disappointed. If something turns out to be positive, I am very happy, but if it fails, this is no reason for me to pout.

Last but not least ,

Does your background have any connection with the music you make?

I am half Bosnian and have lived there for 6 years. It is very different from here and in the time I was there I quickly learned what life can be like. I came into contact with poverty, violence and depression at a young age. Themes that often appear in my music these days.